All Things Living


While I was walking my dog I came across a dead bee in the middle of the sidewalk. For some reason, it caught my attention and I stood there for a second and decided on my way back I would move it from off the sidewalk so nobody stepped on it. I continued walking and couldn’t stop thinking about this bee. I guess for me it represented total disregard for the world around us, for nature. For other living things besides ourselves. A person could have killed this bee or it could have died for another reason. However, if a person killed it, this scenario can relate to our everyday lives.

We may feel threatened by people or creatures that are foreign to us and this unfamiliarity may result in violent actions, but there is also a good chance that that person or creature is entirely innocent. Our own fears should not be the reason that someone or something should cease to exist.

I wound up picking up the bee and bringing it to my front porch out of my utmost respect and admiration for all things that were once, and still are living.

Warmest, Lauren K.




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