Lion’s Head Mountain Hiking


I tried to get a good nights’ sleep knowing that I would be hiking up Lion’s Head Mountain in Cape Town, and for some odd reason, I have not been able to get to sleep at a normal hour. Maybe I am still jet-lagged, or maybe my mind is racing. Whatever is preventing me from going to sleep, I am hoping, will eventually fade away. Anyway, I woke up in the morning extremely excited to go hiking up this beautiful mountain. Once we arrived, the views were simply breath-taking and we were eager to get started. I had been told to get all the way to the top would take a few hours, considering we would be stopping for pictures and short breaks.

DSCN2930.JPGEvery time we got a bit higher, and climbed a few more rocks, the views got better and better, as you can see above. I brought my Nikon camera with me because I knew that the beauty would be too much for my iPhone to capture, and even a great camera cannot truly capture this mountain’s true essence, but I figured I would try my best.


And another one…


During the beginning of the hike, I had my camera in my bag and I found myself taking it out literally every 5 minutes and so I decided that I would keep it around my neck for easy access. However, this only worked in the beginning because as we climbed higher, the rocks became increasingly steep, narrow, and required all strength and attention. I tried at first but my camera kept swinging around, banging into the rocks. I decided this was not my best decision. I put my arm through the strap, so that the actual camera would be behind me, and that seemed to work, to a certain extent. It beat having to take it out of my bag every 5 minutes at least.


As you can see, we were pretty high up, and at this point, we were slowly but surely approaching the very top of the mountain!


Are we there yet?!


We made it! All the way up!


Approximately 2,195 feet above sea level and I can truly say that every step was entirely worth it to reach such an amazing view. I wouldn’t say that I am afraid of heights, but as I got higher up the mountain, the rocks seemed to get much more narrow and all it took was a look to the side to realize how high up I truly was. Hours worth of hiking, but I would do it all over again knowing that this awaited me at the top!

Table Mountain Hiking trip to come!

Warmest, Lauren K.



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