The Phases of a Cape Town Sunset

DSCN3077.jpgAfter a day of hiking up Lions Head Mountain, everyone was extremely hungry and our lovely friend from Cape Town recommended a waterfront restaurant. As we approached, we realized how fancy this place was, as we sat in our sweaty, and dirty hiking clothes with our hiking sneakers on, all staring at each other and wondering how we were going to walk into this beautiful restaurant.

Our friend assured us that it was no problem, and we all made our way into the restaurant. The stares were plentiful, but nonetheless, the staff said “you must have just come from hiking” and we all nodded in agreement and smiled. At least there was slight pardon for our appearance. Everyone sat down around a beautifully set table and ordered food and drinks, and not too long after, I realized the sun was about to set. I had my Nikon camera with me, because I took a million pictures while hiking, and I grabbed it and swiftly walked out of the restaurant and ran across the street to get a better view, as I knew the sunset would disappear very quickly.

DSCN3085-1.jpgAs I reached the other side, I saw the sun slowly setting and it was a view that no camera could truly capture, and no words could sufficiently describe, as is the case with most scenery here in South Africa, Cape Town in particular. Below are a few snap shots of my attempt to capture this amazing moment.

Simply breathtaking…


Shortly after, the rest of the group came outside to witness this beautiful setting sun. We all gathered for pictures and basked in the shadows of the several phases of a Cape Town sunset.


It was a pretty special moment…

DSCN3088.jpgTake notice of the background of each picture, as the colors change, one more magical than the next. Not being able to distinguish where one color ends and the next begins…


After we had our fun taking photos, we started to walk a bit along the shore. We came across a figure that everyone seemed to be intrigued by. As we got closer, we saw that it was a figure of a beautiful face.


Of course, it was inevitable that we had to take pictures again. If you look to the left, there is actually a place to sit down for pictures, as you will see in the below photos.

DSCN3098DSCN3099.jpgWe continued walking a bit further while chatting and sharing laughs. Our friend from Cape Town is clearly a great photographer, as any picture with me in it was taken by her. Below are two more photos of this lovely evening and the conclusion of a beautiful day.


Warmest, Lauren K.



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